• Perfect for strong dogs
    My dog loves this toy and it is holding up really well, will buy another when it’s destroyed. Nice and heavy and he runs everywhere with it…great tug of war toy!


  • Heavy Duty and Fun!
    This product arrived on time. I am super happy with it too! It is HUGE!!!
    I was not expecting it to be this large, but Luke absolutely loves it! He knew right away when I started to pull it out of it’s box, it was for him. So, he pretty much helped me with that part. It was hilarious because even though he weighs 54 lbs. he has never had a toy this large or heavy, except a few tree branches here and there he loves carrying around in the back yard. Let me explain how heavy duty this is…wow!
    It is quite heavy to lug around and very well made. It has definitely become his favorite go to toy in his basket of goodies. He runs around with it, banging in to walls, chairs and anything else he comes in to contact with, including me.
    I have noticed he really enjoys just gnawing on it, because it feels so good on his gums as well. I definitely recommend this toy for any medium to large sized dog, even a smaller one just for grins and giggles. You definitely can’t go wrong.
    The only thing I do worry about is him tearing at the strings on the ends, so be sure to not leave your pet unsupervised as they may swallow some of the fibers. Otherwise it is better than tv to watch my baby run and play with his Mavel Toy.
    I was given this product at a discount in exchange for my honest review and it gets a well deserved four stars!


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