This article will give you some advise on how to teach your dog to chew on dog toys instead of other stuff in the house, such as SHOES.

Here few things that you need: 

  1. Clicker
  2. Treats
  3. Toys

1. First, you need to dog proof your hours and put away anything that you do not want them to chew.

2. Next, find various chew toys such as rope bones or flavored rubber bones and keep the toys closed at hand.

3. Place the toys on the ground in front of your dog and every time they pick an appropriate toy to chew, click and reward them with treats.

4. If they pick the wrong object to chew, swap out that item for a toy. When they chew on the chew toy click and reward them.

5. Repeat this until your dog has no desire to chew on objects that aren’t his chew toy because he isn’t getting rewarded for chewing those objects.

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